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Have you ever thought of a different version of the Kermit chair?

Feb. 23, 2022

We all know that folding chairs are the most important camping equipment after bedding.

The name "Kermit" was originally designed by Kermit Chair, an American outdoor furniture brand. It was originally designed by a motorcyclist, who wanted to design a Chair that could be put on a motorcycle and spent a long night by a campfire

The Kermit chair itself is handmade, and the chair is solid enough to be portable and easy to dismantle. The Kermit chair can be easily folded into a flat shape for easy movement, or the accessories can be removed and packed into a small bag.

⭐ The current mainstream Kermit chair is divided into two different types:

⭐ aluminum alloy /⭐ solid wood

aluminum alloy kermit chair is based on the traditional wooden kermit chair on the basis of the material and structure of the change, but also retains the kermit chair shape, about 2KG of aluminum alloy material makes it more portable than the wooden Kermit chair, also supports folding storage, cost-effective, Basic price is in 200 left and right sides have clinch a deal the kemite chair that pledges as solid wood

natural wooden feel is more comfortable than aluminum alloy material, solid wood kermit chair although the weight is heavier than the former, but more than half of the bearing capacity of aluminum alloy, plus its support can be disassembly and storage state, can better carry out activities

For two different types of Kermit chairs

There are pros and cons to each, but which one would you choose?

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