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About the Kermit Chair

We all know that folding chairs are the most important equipment in camping activities besides bedding.


The name "Kermit" originally came from motorcycle enthusiasts Kermitson wanted to design a chair that could be placed on a motorcycle and spent long nights by a campfire


The Kermit chair itself is entirely handmade, the body is full of texture, and it is solid enough, portable and easy to disassemble. The Kermit chair can be simply folded into a flat shape for easy movement, or the chair accessories can be disassembled into a small bag and put into a bag.


At Present, The Mainstream Kermit Chairs Are Divided Into Two Different Types:

1.aluminum alloy

2.The aluminum alloy Kermit chair is based on the traditional wooden Kermit chair, and the material and structure have been changed. At the same time, the shape of the Kermit chair is retained. The aluminum alloy material of about 2KG makes it stronger than wood. The Mitre chair is lighter and also supports folding storage, which is cost-effective.

3. solid wood

The feel of natural wood is naturally more comfortable than that of aluminum alloy. Although the solid wood Kermit chair is heavier than the former, its load-bearing capacity is about half of that of aluminum alloy, and it supports dismantling and storage. state, can better go to carry out activities conveniently.


If You Are Looking For Kermit Chair For Sale, Oeytree Is The Right Decision!

1. Support OEM customization, the color and size of the camping chair can be customized.

2. Our Kermit chair is lightweight

3. Lightweight aluminum alloy material, durable and excellent bearing capacity. This folding chair comes with a non-slip rubber cover, which is non-slip and scratch-resistant to protect the floor and enhance stability.

4. Easy to clean, if your chair is dirty, you can take off the canvas for cleaning. The aluminium frame can be cleaned with a rag.


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